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Monday, July 18, 2011

Bella Cita.

In May we got to go to Italy. With our child. And I died for a minute and visited heaven. The only word I can use to describe how I felt that trip was: Full. Just, full. Throw in an "Are you kidding me?" and "Is this really happening?" and you get the trip. Oh plus over 24 hours in a plane with a 9 mo and 15 mo old. Want to know what jet lag does to an infant? Call me. But that part was WORTH IT.

Anyhoo, I just want to share a few pictures from the trip.

The view over Rome from our hotel. It was the final stop on our trip.

Lunch w/the Fam at San Gimingnano. Home of bella ceramica. :)

Smiley pants.
Views from our 5 yr. Anniversary Dinner in San Gimingnano.
Pretty much just unforgettable.

Below: The Colleseum in Rome

Love the ruins and how they just keep digging deeper to find more cities.

We took a day trip to Florence. This experience might have been the most surreal. You know when you just get really overwhelmed at all the roads the Lord has taken you down, and where you end up? Like for me, I got to study here as a college student, and figure out what kind of woman I was becoming. Then I returned while Ryan and I were dating, to determine what kind of man I might marry. After we were married, we came for our 1 year anniversary, and I showed him the places I prayed for him and the places I found myself. Now, 4 years later, we bring our daughter - walking around the museums and seeing tapestries of God's handiwork, I'm anxious and prayerful about the journey He has planned for her. How quickly does everything seem to come full cirlce!

We stayed at Castello di Casole, a place that is equal to perfection.

The view from Mom and Dad's porch.

I love my brother and his wife. This is where she told us she was pregnant with Mac Baby #2!

Above - Ryan and Dad having 'man time.' :)

Prende un cafe on Piazza della Uffizi Nacionale

Mac's thinking spot.

Mac's other thinking spot. :)

Daddy - Davey time in Piazza della Republica

Lunch at Hotel Savoy. Cool Italian High chairs!

The fam.

Daddy needed some new italian shoes-DC was happy to assist. :)

on the ponte vecchio

An amazing trip that will never be forgotten.