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Friday, April 9, 2010

Half Way There.

Half way through this race! The time has literally flown by. I don't take for granted that most of why I get to say that is because I have felt so good. Thank you Lord that the ride has been manageable so far! I tell ya, 2nd trimester is the bomb. Fo Real.

Why you ask? Maternity pants = magical squishy stretchyness. Feeling like exercising again. Bella band is kewl.

Why it's not kewl? If you are not pencil thin (which CLEARLY I am), people give you that loooook (which CLEARLY they don't give me b/c I AM pencil thin). You know the look. The look that shows them asking themselves, "Do I ask? Or not ask? Is she preggy? Or has she just really intensified the daily trips to the vending machine and has just completely let herself go?"

The poor souls, I really do feel for the debacle going on inside their minds.

Another scare: now the Registering challenge begins. Don't get me wrong, we are still 100% positive that we want to wait until we meet our little boogar to find out the sex, but MAN do they make it hard on your for registering. "Hello Mrs. Nixon, here are your color choices: Pink, Blue, and you guessed it...GREEN." Blah. Not a huge fan of green people. I have even thought of just picking out two full nursery schemes and then just allowing people's purchases to offer as a 'bet' for what they think it is going to be. :)

So the pic is from week 18, but it's been a busy few weeks and it's taken me that long to get these up! I really am pretty amazed by this little wonder growing inside me. That is a seriosuly stinkin' hot profile. It's hard not to sound cliched when you speak of the miracle of life. It's all the things you used to role your eyes at before. Now it just all seems wonderfully magical in that doughy gooey delightful way. I am just embracing it. God is so wonderously inventive to allow us to experience these emotionally charged moments that are so much 'bigger than life,' that draw us out of ourselves and into His dominion. We were not made to be long here in this place. But a wonder the things He allows us to experience while we are here!

Below is the labeled pic. Let's be honest we can all tell what is what, but it seems more fun for me to be able to be the 'labeler.'

And finally, the crazy alien face look. When my child someday asks me where they came from, this picture really will suffice for the 'you came from aliens' argument to keep them content until we are ready to explain the birds and the bees. I mean, I'm totally making them memorize the whole of Psalm 139 when they are 4. TOTALLY.

So exciting! Thanks for walking this journey with me!