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Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy 3 Mos, You Little Pickle.

Dearest Pickle Pants,

Happy 3 month birthday. You are my happy little slice of sunshine. You have grown and changed SO much this past month!

* You have TOTALLY found your fingers. And methinks they taste like chicken to you, cuz you LOVES to be stickin' em all up in yo mouth. :)

* You have gotten silly silly when you nurse. Let's just say you get distracted and try to cartwheel out of my arms.

*You don't fit sideways in your crib anymore!! You are too tall so we have to make you sleep diagonally. :)

* You like to have sing-offs with Mommy. We don't know yet if God gave you a voice, but he cetainly has given you the pipes!

* You laughed for the first time over Thanksgiving! It was a full out, serious laugh. LOVED it. Normally you have the shreik down, but this was a hearty girly laugh.

* With just the teeniest amount of help, you are FINALLY starting to try and roll over. We think you are going to be jogging before you like to be on your tummy.

We had an amazing Austin-Thanksgiving with Ryan's parents in early November. Cue seriously awesome Nixon photo shoot. Thanks to MW, our amazing photog, and you know you know you want to see the Christmas pics.

A Momma and her two loves.

Big Daddy and His Great Grand.

My Mommy and Me.

The whole fam!

Get. this. flower. off. my. head.

jeff and riley. 2 of the most photogenic men I know. :)

Daddy and his girl.

And then Thanksgiving Mac-Style at Firewater Ranch with ALLLLL the Macfarlan Family. My heart just got filled up to overflowing catching up with all my cousins and their cute spouses. Those pics to come next. :)


Wahoo!!! The beeeyotch is NOT pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NO puppies were had over the break.

Kenna is getting BACK to NORMAL!

Ok, I know you are asking, "Calpal, how in the free world can you be mistaken that your dog was pregnant?"

Promise kiddos, she had ALL the signs. But, apparently dogs can go into a 'false pregnancy,' and all the physical symptoms of pregnancy can STILL be happening!!!
Weird! If you want to know more, you can read about it here. <- BTW almost ALL of those were happening. Well, praise the Lord and Glory-Be for no un-wanted pregginess. To those of you who were actually interested in one of the puppies, I have two things to say:

1) Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
2) Shame on you for liking ugly pups. :)

With a heart that's thankful, and a dog that is NOT a single parent.....
I'm out.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dear Kenna, You Are a Hussy.

So, I think my dog is pregnant.
Yes, you heard me, pregnant.
Yes, my one-and-a-half-year-old dog is pregnant.

This precious beautiful little puppy, once just a little chocolate bug sitting on my lap, may have lost her innocence.

The story you ask? Sit down, young padawans, and I'll tell you a fetching fable.

Once there was a dog whose owners were the greatest owners in the WORLD! They took her on walks every day, ran with her, took her to the park, their ranch, Colorado, and gave her so much love she thought she would burst.

Then one day, everything started changing.

There was a new puppy in town. She wasn't brown and furry like Kenna the dog, she was bald all over except on her head. She didn't do ANYTHING. She couldn't even walk, and mom had to carry her everywhere. She cried at night, during the WHOLE day, and all times in between. She took up so much of her parents' time crying, sometimes Kenna's mom would forget to feed her or let her out to go to the bathroom. :( So one day, when the yard men left the side gate open, and mom let Kenna out (without her normal watchful supervision) to go to the bathroom during her special time, she knew to run for all she was worth!

45 minutes, a screaming baby in the car, and a terrified mother later, she was found. Was it a compassionate, loving neighbor that picked up the beloved pup? Nay, it was a full-blown animal rights activist. With her firey red hair blowing in the September Texas wind, she told Callie and her mother the following:

-"She's SOOOO thin"
- How can you have a un-spayed dog running around in the neighborhood when there are SO many dogs in the world and over 4 MILLION are put down every year!
-I was emailing around trying to find out whose dog it is!!
- I imposed upon my gracious neighbor to keep your dog in their back yard.
- She has been back their hanging out with their American PIT BULL, Tito.


Her AMERICAN PITBULL? Now, I was gone by this time, to go satiate the screaming baby. Mom quickly scooped up Kenna and left.

She went back by later, and gently asked if Mr. Frito the American Pitbull was neutered.
Mrs. Animal Right's Activist choked on every last word she had admonished us with.
"Oh.... you know..... that is a GREAT question... perhaps I should find that out."

Well folks, I've been by 2 more times and STILL haven't heard.

And my dog grows by the day. Sigh, alas, anon.

If anyone is in the market for some pit-bull-lab puppies.................

Call me. We'll see - she's due over Thanksgiving week. What a Christmas present for you and your family to enjoy!!!!! Go google pit lab puppies. A-Dor-Able. (I'm lying.)

and yes, they will BE FREE.
This is how Kenna sleeps. How can you resist this adorableness?