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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Great Grandmas.

They are just the absolute best. Different in every way, but delightful both the same.

Mia bella Nonna - Grandma.
My dad's mom. She is spunky, full of more zest in life then you can shake a stick at, still does water aerobics religiously, and is full of PASSION - for food, family, friends, and great-grans. :) She is my Italian side through and through.
Mamaw - Momo.
My mom's mom. I just absolutely decree you are not going to find a more beautiful gentlewoman on the planet. She is well-loved and respected by any person she comes across. She and Papaw have the longest list of friends I know, and I'm convinced you won't find a more regal woman on the planet.

Love you ladies.