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Monday, June 21, 2010

We the B-I-G Girls.

First of all, Happy LATE FATHER'S Day and EARLY birthday to my amazing, wonderful, godly, handsome, roaringly sexy husband of four faithful and fun years. My Baboo. My honey bear. You wear so many names to me love, but "Divine Romancer" and "Sharpener of my Soul" are titles that suit you most perfectly. I'm so glad you were born, and I can't wait to be a momma to your Daddy-ness. :)
Well, it's been too long since I've written. Too dern busy. And no priorities for updating the bloggy blog. Really, every time I think and want to do it, I'm on a break at work, which would just be wrong. :)

So, I'm huge. Now, as we have previously discussed, even in life I'm not yer sweet little petite pumpkin, so pregnancy is SOOOO becoming on me. It's so funny - when you hit the stage everyone talks about, it's like your experiencing it for the first time. So yes:

* It IS harder to tie your shoes
* #2 is a different experience
* Sleep is just a suggestion (marked by this 4am blog-post)
* Beware of getting down - you WILL have to get back up.
* Your face being one color is a blessing, not a guarantee.
* Co-workers WILL think you left some secret
snack in the potty they don't know about b/c you frequently visit.
* Men give you the funniest looks - especially those with no children - "Good GOSH man, what happened to you? Something is sure to have INHABITED you!"
* Women LOVE to comment on summer pregnancies/babies in Dallas. yes, people. I'm hot. :)
* I'm wondering if I just get to skip the cankle (calf-ankle) phase and go right into the keg phase (calf, leg) :)

And wanna know what? I'm loving every bit of it.

I'm posting a few pics from Ryan's surprise going away party we had for him in May, and then after I get some shower pics, I'll post those as well.
Also - nursery FINALLY in progress! Stay tuned for some before/during/after pics!

Abby is on the lookout!
Adorable gals.

Below: He is surprised!
Momma Gayle flew up from Austin. She loves her boy.

Best HP highschoolers EVER.
Tim and precious Lowell. Good Daddy moment.

Da girls! :0) Sloan and Charlotte will be friends forever!

The whole gang. It was a blessing! We'll miss you HP Klife!