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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bad Momma. And a recap.

OOoooooh heavy sigh.

I look around blog-land for the first time in MONTHS and I just....feel....whatevs. So behind. A horses' patoot. As my giggly little NINE MONTH OLD crawls around on the floor beneath me, I realize it's been a solid 4 months since I have had time to dedicate to this blog.

Culprit #1 - WORK. It's picked up, and as much as I would love to only fill my days with Arboretum and Acquarium visits, work just kinda took over.

Culprit #2 - Performance anxiety. Even tho' the purpose of this blog is to keep family and friends updated as well as make up for what is best described as a horrid lack of scrapbooking skills, I still felt like I was letting 'someone' down. The further I got away, the harder it got. Who is the someone you ask? The proverbial 'world wide web'? Who the stink even knows. However, beauteous pics are loaded, my heart is ready and 'update' I shall.

Some cute pics from Davey at 2 months old. Love her chub face. These actually ARE from the arboretum, but hey, I was still on maternity leave. :)
Some Thanksgiving 4 month pics. Had a little photo shoot at the Nixons.
Fuzzy 5 mo. Christmas pic. I love having kiddies in late summer because their monthly milestones are on and around fun holidays.

5 months. Maybe one of my most delightfully favorite baby Davey pics.

6 month non-profesh pic.
6 month profesh pic. Amazing sweet and talented Matt Norine. Check out his photo blog.
8 month pic. How could this little pumpkin ever get in trouble? Woo meee? :)
9 Month pic. This one just so happens to be standing in front of a vineyard on the Tuscan countryside. Like the real one. We're not talking Olive Garden here, folks. :) You might think I'm crazy to put an 8 1/2 month old on an airplane for over 10 hours. I would actually tend to agree with you. Hee. But you tell me. If given the opportunity to go to God's chosen country, would you move mountains to make that happen? Uh huh. Thought so. Me too. So we did, and it was so worth it! Me thinks that is going to be the next post. Who knows, I could totally get on a role with this again. That is my hopeyest hope.

Thanks for the 'couragement. More to come. 9 months will not be caught up on, but little tidbits would just be wrong to not be recounted.