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Friday, April 29, 2011

I will wait for you.

If you have ever worked in youth ministry, which I have for many moons now, you encounter the phenomenon known as the high school female. If you encounter high school girls, you just....really don't ever know what you are going to get. One day you are BESTIES forevs, the next she wishes she never laid eyes on you and you are either a) extremely uncool or b) ruining her life. (Insert plea to the Lord to freeze Davey Cate all together or just simply skip over pre-teen years.)

Anyhoo, one thing that is inherent not just to females in exponentially hormonal years (aka teens) but all ages is: the desire to be loved. To find the one. To be known, and pursued, cared for and treasured. At times the struggle of the female, be it highschool or otherwise, is to settle. To gratify the desires of the flesh for fear that God isn't really the best author of their lovestory.

I found something amazing. Better believe DCN and I will be sitting down to watch this during those years of, "God - are you out there? Is HE out there?" He is, and he is. My prayer today is if you are in a similar situation, that you trust the first, and wait patiently for the second.

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Suzanne said...

i think this is phenomenal!!!