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Friday, January 14, 2011

California Love.

Sooo inagural. First trip with de bebe. Check.
Way there? PERFECT.
Way back? A screaming wreck. Yup, we were THOSE parents. That will put some hair on your chest. For sure.

We LOVED visiting our amazing, smart, beyoutus friend D & J and their little pumpkin baby. D is a bigwig Stanford grad student. I toured the campus and just felt smarter. Even though I was pushing a baby around and people immediatley knew I didn't actually attend said University.

Some highlights:
The Dish. Great hikey walk up around the city. Was foggy as all get out, but I'm sure the views are gorgeous. :)
The Counter. Build your own burger joint. So Cool.
San Fran (can't call it anything else when you are there). Again, so foggy that Alcatraz was barely visible and pretty DERN chilly, but we loved it!

Little Davey Loo earns her first pair of wings! :)
(This was the angel flight)
Woah to the creeper in the background.
Ryan and Jill atop one of the Big Hills on the Dish hike. SOOO sunny.

I'm not kidding. These were serious hills.
Dish fam pic.

Our Stanford tour with the Stanford scholar and his trusty ipad tour guide.

The dads and their stollers. If that isn't amazing to see, I'm not sure what is. Did this really happen? Do we have KIDS?

The Boudin Bakery in San Fran. Best Sourdough I've ever had, and I hate sourdough.
Davey wanted clam chowder in a bread bowl. I said, "Pumpkin, you are too young."

Did I mention it was cold?
The Sea Lions at Pier 39.

OOOOoooh Alcatraz.

The couple that matches shoes will stay together.

Some street performers we watched. Forgive me if the angle I was shooting is a little....ahem....awkward turtle. But SO flexible!

He could balance on top of a ladder!

OH yes, the Ghirardelli Store. Beautiful building.

We love you guys! We had an amazing time!!!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Goaly Goals.

My New Years' Goals.

Oh dear. She says with fear and trembling as she is about to post her most personal goals on the world wide web.
Here goes nothing. Hopefully me sharing a few of my goals will encourage and enable you to make and follow through with some of your own! Don't be discouraged. Even if it's February, and you have already bombed it on everything you set out to do, start over. Begin again, and don't let your fear of failing keep you from sanctification. Aside from eternal existence with Christ and abundant joy on earth, it's one of the greatest things about being a believer: You don't have to stay the same.

With that said...
My goals are divided into 5 Categories that connect with Luke 2:52 "And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, favor with God and man." (NIV)

SPIRITUAL (wisdom, favor with God)
1. I'm dedicating each month to studying a different discipline. i'm following one of my favorite author's Richard Foster's Classical Disciplines in his book Celebration of Discipline.
Jan - Prayer
Feb - Fasting
Mar - Meditation
Apr - Study
May - Simplicity
June - Solitude
July - Submission
Aug - Service
Sep - Confession
Oct - Worship
Nov - Guidance
Dec - Celebration

2. I'm memorizing at least 2 verse each month. "I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you." Psalm 119:11
3. Meditate on Scripture

4. Using each day of the week to pray specifically for those in my life and those in the world.

Mon - Family
Tues - My Klife Girls
Wed - Ryan
Thursday - Work friends/the Lost/Top 10 List
Friday - World missions
Sat - My girl friends
Sun - Our community Group
5. Journal

6. Read at least 1 spiritual enrichment book per quarter
Q1 - Prayer, by Richard Foster
Q2 - The Reason for God, Tim Keller
Q3 & Q4 - Suggestions welcome.

PHYSICAL (stature)
"She girds herself with strength and makes her arms strong." Prov 31:17

1. Lose that baby weight!
2. Have a prayerful attitude about my body.

PERSONAL (wisdom, favor with man)

1. Become a doula.
2. Learn how to sew.
3. Marriage - Serve, Love, Respect, Uplift.
4. House and Home - Maintain personal to-do list. Finish baby thank you notes by March 1st. :)
5. Cultivate a life of Evangelism, even in early motherhood.
6. Be a personal, loving, and disciplined momma to one stinking cute baby.

REALTIONAL (favor with man)

1. Serve and pursue our community group and my friends.
2. Service - pursue time with my Klife girls
3. Outreach to Enrich - pursue older women in different life stages through lunches or walks to learn from their wisdom.
PROFESSIONAL (Favor with man)

1. Maintain momentum
2. Manage people and my time well.

Oh Lord. Help it not be about checking off boxes, but about growing as a woman in Christ.
2011, Here we come.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010: The Year We Quit Talking

I actually think this had already happened before 2010, but this is a pretty insightful editorial on how technology has changed face to face social skills and interaction. This is kind of a high horse topic for me, as well as I'm sure for anyone who works with or has pre-teens and teenagers. Our bible study has even devloped a "Cell-phone bucket" that we take up cell phones during study because our cute gals are so addicted.

Take a read if you have a moment.

Working on goals for the New Year today. If I'm feeling self-disclosive, maybe I'll post them when I'm finished.

I know, I know, all 10 readers of this blog can't wait to here, "HOW WILL CALLIE BETTER HERSELF IN 2011?" Oh, I can just cut the suspense with Davey's talon-like fingernails.