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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Well Hello, Little Blog. Meet Evie Leigh.

Hello There.

My name is Callie, and I have a blog. Kind of. Brief Hiatus was had. The LONG kind of brief. However, in that time, MANY things have happened and I'm excited to hopefully dust off this sweet little vessel for keeping friends and family near and far away (and interested...) on the goings-on of the Nixon Household.

Couple 'o bullet points:
* I got pregnant.
* We moved to Richardson.
* We had an A/C bust and water leaks and moved back in with my sweet parental units for 8 weeks.
* We remodeled our kitchen. (Go Summey Industries)
* I'm still pregnant.
* We move back in.
* I complete certification to be a Bradley Certified Childbirth Educator. {call me}.
* I sing in about 14 weddings.
* I have a baby! August 16, 2012. Sweet Evie Leigh.

I think about covers the basic gist.  Anyhoo, Fall in our house has included the "Newborn Vortex."
I think that I'm beginning to exit the whirling cycle of crazy that is newborns. Almost 3 months. Hello again, world.  So, that being said, prayerfully this blog will once again come alive with colorful pictures of giggling babies.

To start things of right, here's a picture book of our Fall.
Welcome back to Blog Land, Nixons.

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