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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hospital Days with Davey Loo.

Happy One Week Birthday Davey!
Hello Sweet Friends!

Thanks for being patient while we have gotten to walk through the tumultuous 'first week' of baby Davey's life. Wow, aren't we glad that God waits and actually gives you the gift of a baby before you have to actually try and learn how to take care of it! When you are up at 3am and your eyes are crossed, your milk hasn't come in and its day 5, your baby is screaming and you have a ginormous migrain, all the sudden the little pumkin gives you a little sideways Elvis grin and all is right as rain. :)

We had a wonderful few days in the hospital. I'm going to post some pics of visitors and such, and then hopefully get to the birth story in the next posting, now that Davey actually sleeps somewhat between each feeding. Huh - what a marvel.

The Proud Daddy - Look at her little eyes already looking up at him in awe. :)

Makes me teary. Those hands will always be there for her.

Gigi and Mel noticing she is already so much of a diva like her momma.

The family is growing! Davey - 2 hrs old. Sloan - 6 mos.

I think I'll always love this pic the most.

Uncle Doodle and Aunt Sophie

We are still deciding on a 'Grandmother Name' for mom.
Current front runners: Muffin & T-Party. Guess which one I love.

Auntie Jen - first non-family member hospital visitor!

And a first family pic. Nixon - Party of 3.

Getting ready to leave the hospital. All done up in her little girly perfectness.
Goodbye Room Nixon!

Mom and Callie on our way out. Never been wheeled in a wheelchair before. That was a first!
I just want to say the Baylor hospital is incredible. They are SUPER supportive of natural childbirth, and every single caregiver I had was not just kind, but over the top friendly, helpful, truthful and intelligent. I love that every time they did anything, they completely walk you through not only what they are doing, but what it should feel like. If anyone is considering natural childbirth in a hospital, come chat conmigo. I will give mucho glowing-o reports.

Next post: Birth story! Stay tuned.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Welcome to the World Davey Catherine!!!

"Therefore my heart is glad and my glory rejoices..." - Psalm 16:9
Please join Ryan and I in welcoming the most perfect baby girl there has ever been. Yes, it's a GIRL!!!!! A beautiful healthy baby girl!

Davey Catherine Nixon was born yesterday, Tuesday August 24, at 10:38am in the morning, weighing 8 lbs 9 oz. and stretching tall at 20 3/4 inches. She is perfect in every way. The birth was incredible, then we had a little bit too much blood loss in the afternoon, had a few 'prayer moments,' and this morning everything is great and I'm feeling stronger and loving every minute of my new found motherhood! The birth story will come later, but thank you to everyone for their sweet prayers and friendship! We can't wait for you all to meet her!

Our cup overflows (Ps 23:5).

With Much Love,
Ryan, Callie, & Davey

Monday, August 23, 2010

Made it!

Weekend is over, everyone is back in town! Thank you so much for those who prayed!

It's on. Baby come whenever! Today would be fun.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Prayin' through the Weekend.

Hi Little Pooka Shells,

This weekend we are pretending that we do NOT have a baby in our tummy about to pop out. :) Please note the following people out of town this weekend:

* Mr. Hubbin Man - at a retreat with the Porch (Every Tuesday at 7pm, check it out ya'll) volunteers (only 2 hours away, peoples, don't flip out)
* Daddykins. Colorado
* Brother and sister in law. Family Vacay. And finally.....
* Cecily our Mid-wife. HEEE! She's awesome and adventurous and floating the river in Gruene, TX.

So chant it with me, NO BABY NO BABY NO BABY. :)
Weeilll, judging from the appointment on Friday, baby is just snug as a bug in a biscuit - and ain't going no where fast. I don't really feel like he/she has dropped, and my mid-wife says there is plenty of yummy nutritious fluid for baby to swim around in (prayer inserted here that baby does not feel TOO comfortable...no hanging around for 2 more weeks or anything, little pooka). But we are so thankful everything is healthy and we will wait on your timing, Lord!

Until then, ways to have an awesome weekend with just girls:
* Have bestie NYC pal Fens come in town and rock your world with Chick-Fil-A and great conversation
* Actually sleep ALL THE WAY THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!!!!
* Get a mani/pedi with sister-in-law. Thank you GiGi!
* Eat bagel sandwiches with the best cousin-in-law EVER. Love you Leila.
* Have a welcome dindin for Kristen and Paul Mason! Yay welcome to Big D!
* Watch mommy be SOOOOOOO talented. :) See below for the near completion of nursery ridiculous awesome-ness.

Happy Mommy in the midst of tree-painting process. It's going to be the best tree mural EVER!

Addie - The trusty white side-kick

The tree will stretch over the changing table. Issss gonna be like a little Narnia land.

And... the cute little brown dog who doesn't get to go on the white carpet anymore. She is a sheddy pants. She supports from the safety of the wood floors.

Well, love to you all! Keep chanting with me over the weekend, then promptly change your chant on MONDAY to the following:

Everyone got that? All together now....

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

You Won't Be Disappointed.

Two things to share with my bloggie homies today.

1) My brother is the ultimate finder of all things hilarious on youtube. Please enjoy the following video, and marvel at the gymnastical mastery of Indian pole twirling.

2) For those of you who have ever been to Firewater Ranch (shout out), you know that the town of Mineral Wells once housed visitors the likes of Judy Grant, the 3 Stooges, etc. at the famous "Baker Hotel." Renowned for it's healing waters, the hotel was the shiz. Well, it closed and has been a barren ghost land for the past several decades. UNTIL NOW!!! Take a gander at the following story from the Statesman! I hope they actually go for it!

Austin hotelier Trigger to lead restoration of Mineral Wells' famous Baker Hotel


P.S. Hip Hip Hoorah to One week to go until hopeful baby explosion. Well, not like the baby will explode, I might, I mean, well you know what I mean.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

11 Days Left! Or is it 18? :)

Hello friendys,

So, we had a meeting with our birth coach on Wednesday of this week, and she was asking us all sorts of good questions about excitement, pain management, expectations, etc. Then, she said something SO naughty....

SH: Are you so excited?

CN: Yes, so super duper excited! I'm practically counting down the days! So few left!

SH: I dunno girl. I'm kind of expecting a September baby from you.


CN: I'm sorry, it sounded like you just said SEPTEMBER.

SH: {smiles.}

Oh Heavens to Betsy. Apparently, since she has helped birth, I dunno, thousands of babies, she actually has some kind of inkling into the average gestation period for first time moms (which is 41 weeks and 1 day, by the way, if you wanted to be enlightened)....

Well, so who knows folks. Let's just hold that due date lightly, unkay? No calling Callie on the 25th and every day before and after just to 'check.' :) Well, JK call if you want. I love calls. But be supportive if it's after the 25th and little Nixie pooka shell has not arrived yet. Promise? Promise?

I know, we need a happy moment to this conversation. The "Super-amazing-and-awesome-Pottery-Barn-Super-Glider-Chair+Ottoman arrived today!" Man, I am like a walking advertisement for PBK. It's seriously presh, and the room is really starting to come together. Mama (heroine of awesomeness) finished the bumper and the bed skirt also! I have a REAL LIVE crib!

Take a gander at some of the pics below:

The finished bumper. My mom made that. Soooo neat. And little lambie is occupying the crib until baby comes. :)
The toy bins and shelves. Amazing community group gals gave me a 'family tree' for my birthday. It's in the top left shelf. It's amazing.
Changing table! Organized!
The newest welcome addition to the room! Welcome happy chair glider thingy!!
Looks like it may need an iron....it's a LITTLE wrinkled from it's voyage.

Close up of detailing of lambie and the bumper.

Just so so excited.

I went swimming today and man oh delightfulness, you really have no idea what all extra 'junk' you are carrying around until you get to experience weightlessness for a heavenly 45 minutes. Pregnant homies.... SWIM. It is seriously the best thing.

Now, had breakfast for dinner, and am headed to go join Mr. in the biscuit. Last night I made it 35 min before having to migrate to the couch. Wonder if tonight will be different. Do you think that when I'm awake and not sleeping he cares if I pull on his arm hairs? Just for fun, and they are so soft......


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Everyone Should Have a Birthday.

Just so overwhelmed by the sweet birthday wishes today.

Truly, every kiddo should be told over and over again that the fact they were born is special. SUPER special. Presents or no presents, birthdays should always make ya feel good.

Thank you to hubbin for the best spa day ever yesterday, and for the donut holes this morning. Your love humbles me.

Thanks to the community group for an amazing homemade dinner, complete with my favorite - ice cream pie. You know me too well. :)

Going to bed a happy camper.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Calpal Up-All-Night Nursery Preview Pt 3

Hello Lovely World,

I've decided that I'm just going to think of my up-lates as prep for my life to live someday in Italy (and obviously be a parent, you are not original, I've already heard it like 56.2 times). I mean, 2:45am here is 9:45am there, so I figure I'm just getting used to it. :) Also, I'm quite sure Lilo Kitty the super cat has been feeling neglected lately, and this way we can bond while I sit in the office chair and she plays with my robe tie dangling from the seat. It's a win-win.

Speaking of win-win, I know it's already in my blog list, but this blog gets me so jazzed, it needed an individual shout-out. Ms. Emily prob has no idea how much i heart her/blog stalk her, but go be encouraged by the letters she writes everyday to her cute husband.

And, as promised, a few pics from Gigi's surprise party in Austin and our little mini-vacay to Horseshoe Bay.
Joseph, you pick amazing cakes and that was SO Gigi. Glad you didn't go to HEB. :)

Ryan, Jeff & Joseph
Creepy Uncle Josh :) (who has never been creepy a day in his life, but just happens to REALLY look that way with little Ella in this pic). Please note she is loving every minute.

Below - maybe one of the cutest things ever - Ella & Bella sing-a-long time.

The whole fam.

The ladies in orange. :O) Ella and Auntie Boo.
Riley AKA Mr. Cool - and yes, Cars the movie was on repeat all weekend. I love this little pooka shell!

And lastly, before the latest nursery preview, I'll give you the latest "pregnancy funnies:"
  1. My doctor I visited last week looked at my swollen kankles (which I know they have a fan club), giggled, and said, "Oh yah baby girl, you probably have 2 pounds of fluid IN EACH LEG." I mean seriously. When else in your life will someone be able to say THAT to you!?!?!?!
  2. The tips of my three middle fingers on my right hand are numb. Yes, numb.
  3. I have renamed my 'strong woman' persona to the native indian "boohooashem," which translates, "she who cries alot."
  4. I am sustaining the life of a whole person. This is so stinking awesome. At first my guess was it is a girl, but lately I'm feeling boy. Who even knows - have you gotten your vote in yet? :)

And finally, as promised, 'next phase' nursery pics. It's coming along! The bumper should be finished and in tomorrow! Will update with pics soon.

Mr. Man is an awesome curtain-hanger. Knew that Engineering Degree was going to work for SOMETHING. :)

Can't really tell, but they are double layered with white below and dark chocolately brown on top.

We had to figure out a way to get rid of the 'busy book shelf' look. Curtains to the rescue!

Basically gave us another wall. I love how it turned out.
Dear Pottery Barn, I love you and your overly expensive baby items. Love, Callie.
Dear IKEA & Antique shop in College station, I love you because you make me feel better about my Pottery Barn choices. It's a wash, right? Right? Crickets....
Little sheddy poo pie Kenna is not allowed in the newly carpeted nursery at the moment. I mean chocolate brown IS a color, just not on the carpet, at least not yet. :)

Love to you all! Adieu until the next installment!!